Meteorological and Terrain Data

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ADM provides a full range of meteorological data (met data) suitable for use within all the frequently used dispersion models and is listed within the Defra's LAQM TG(09) guidance as a supplier.  ADM's meteorological data services are supported by Dr Erwin Prater who is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with over 20 years experience.

The formats available include:

  • ADMS
  • ISC (for BREEZE Roads)
  • GasSim
  • EDMS
  • STAR

In addition ADM can provide wind roses (example windrose here), hourly meteorological data records and digital terrain data suitable for direct input to AERMOD for word-wide locations

Data from any of more than 20,000 World Meteorological Office (WMO) observing stations  are usually provided within 24 hours of an order.  

Cost for ADMS or ISC (BREEZE Roads) format meteorological data as follows (from a single observing station)

 Number of Years

Cost ( excluding VAT) 





















For more than 10 years cost is 60+VAT for each additional year.

A discount of 10% is offered when purchasing five or more ADMS format data sets at one time.

Additional 120+VAT if AERMOD format is required.

Additional 120+VAT if both ADMS and ISC format are required. 

230+VAT for 6 months (ADMS or ISC) or less, 380+VAT for 6-12 months..

  • 1 year average windrose 100+VAT
  • 3 year average windrose 140+VAT
  • 5 year average windrose 180+VAT
  • 10 year average windrose 250+VAT
  • 20 year average windrose 320+VAT

Additional 55+VAT for a 'dry hours' windrose.

Each additional windrose for same observing station is 30+VAT.

Data provided in Excel for a maximum of four parameters can be provided at 10% discount to the cost for ADMS format met data.

Contact David Harvey for quotes for digital terrain data, further information.  

Payment can be made using the 'buy now' option below, please remember to add VAT to the amount paid.